Suspension and Steering

One function of your car's suspension is to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. However your suspensions most important function is to keep all four tyres in contact with the road, so that steering, driving and braking systems work to their full potential.

Shocks and struts do wear our over time and should be checked regularly to ensure correct operation and meet safety regulations.

Key Parts that we replace or repair include: Ball Joints, Bushings, CV Joints/Boots, CV Axle Shafts/Boots, Shocks, Springs, Power Steering Pumps

Our highly trained and technical team has the ability to also repair power steering pumps, and check for leaks with your power steering system, come and see us today


  • Does your car bounce going over a bump?
  • Do you hear squeaking when going over a bump?
  • Do you hear creaking noises when you turn?
  • Have you had a wheel alignment done?