Car Batteries Artarmon

Car Batteries ArtarmonGone are the old days where you battery merely just started your car and powered your lights and radio.

These days, there is a power requirement for upto 30 computers that do different jobs, and thats before you even start your engine.

Make sure that your batteries are in good condition to prevent any damage to on board components and also this ensures that your car runs efficiently.

We can check your vehicles battery system and alternator to make sure that your battery is receiving enough charge while the engine is running, we can also deep cycle charge your battery for you to get extra life out of those batterys that arent quite holding enough charge.

We also carry a large range of high performance and regular batteries for those times where it just needs to be replaced.

Battery Checklist

  • Check battery voltage
  • Check current from alternator
  • Ensure leads are tight and not corroded
  • Check grounding strap

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